Thursday, March 27, 2008

Summer, here we come!

School gets out in three more weeks and we are so excited to go outside and play again! It is already hard enough to sit at work and watch out the window as people play catch and frisbee. I am ready for a break and can't wait to play all summer long. This picture just reminds us of all the fun we had last summer and all the fun we will have this summer too.


Darrel & Jessica LeSueur said...

Wahoo! Summer here we come!! We can't wait either! Way cute blog!! We will have to do fun stuff this summer!!!

Brittany said...

Hey! I would have written you back sooner but I am new at this and couldn't figure out how to find your guy's blog address and write on your blog. Anyways, we are not moving far, just into the Welch's house (the switch will take place in May when they move to Colorado). We got our bikes off the internet. It was a screamin' deal so if you guys are interested you should come over and take a look at ours. Way cute picture, you guys look so celestial with that light shining on you!

Esther Noelle said...

Hi Burke & Julia! Cute blog!! Good luck with finals!!