Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine's week started out with a lovely heart-attacking on our door from one of the singles' ward fhe groups from the ward Burke is serving in right now. It was a fun surprise to come home to.Our favorite heart says, "You're Burke'n my heart." Those singles think they are so clever. They also said things like "Happy birthday, baby," "We love you" in a variety of foreign languages, and "Name your baby Ben!" (who wrote that one . . . ?).On Friday Burke surprised me with a weekend trip to Salt Lake. We had a lot of fun. We toured the conference center (for probably the fourth time), saw the refurbished tabernacle, went to dinner, and watched the Joseph Smith movie. The next day we finally made it to a live session at the Salt Lake temple (after multiple attempts over the past two years). Afterward, we happened to talk to the right temple worker, and he gave us a personalized tour of some of the back rooms in the temple--some sealing rooms, Lorenzo Snow's office, the famous front doors, the grand hallway, etc. It was a neat experience, and we had a great time together.We finished up Saturday night with our married stake Valentine's dance. It was a fun weekend.

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aNnA said...

No!... the baby's name is Parker... or Bennet. I'm rooting for either! :)