Monday, May 18, 2009

Graduation and Arizona trip

Here's the beginning of an update of a little of everything lately:

Burke and I officially graduated! It was great, and now we're just waiting for diplomas in the mail. Whoopee! Thanks to everyone who came to support us.
The next day we left for Arizona for a week, which was a wonderful break, and we had free babysitting, which was a definite plus. (thanks, Grandma, Alyson, and others!)
McKay met his cousin, Marcus.
We went to the temple for our anniversary.
I took Burke to his first pro baseball game. I've converted him to the d-backs.
We all did some of this:
And we took the scenic route home through Monument Valley, Arizona,
and made it to temple 11 of 12 in Utah: Monticello. Life has been busy but great!


Anna said...

Wait, wait, wait... YOU converted BURKE to be a D-backs fan?? You aren't even one yourself! You rooted for the stinky YANKEES in the WORLD SERIES!!! What's up with that??

Carol T. said...

Your trip was much to short. Loved having you here. Kisses to my little boy.