Friday, June 19, 2009

Goodbye Utah, Part I

We only have two months left in Utah before we leave for Columbus, OH. I've been thinking about all the fun things I want to do before that time comes. I have compiled a list that I put on the whiteboard in the kitchen. It is titled "dates." Unfortunately, every time we get one thing done, I think of something else and add it to the list. Last night, I got to cross one of the things off.

We went to the Carillon Bell Tower concert at BYU.
We enjoyed a kfc picnic and listened to the beautiful music. It was one of my goals to learn to play the carillon bells at byu, but I never got to it. sad. . . .sidenote: McKay's new favorite toy entertains him for a full hour at a time. love it.
It was at this concert two years ago that we met one of Burke's mtc teachers. He was going into optometry. At that time, we were pre-med. We talked to JJ about it, and came home and started thinking seriously about optometry instead.

One year later, Burke had most of the prerequisites done, took the OAT, and applied for optometry schools.

This year, Burke and I are spending our last months in Provo before he attends optometry school. We are excited. It is crazy how quickly life passes sometimes. From one evening at a little carillon bell tower concert two years ago, we changed the direction of the rest of our lives, and we are so happy we did.

I'm going to miss a lot of things here. Utah has been a fun place to live with a lot of fun things to do. We are trying to make the best of the time we have left. Oh, and Burke is officially finished with school for the next three months. That is the longest break he's had since his first day of college. Wow! We finally get to spend our first real summer together with no classes and no homework. only work and play. bring it on!!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy not having school for three months! That's amazing. Jake has never had that much time off so I am jealous! Good luck in opt. school. I always go home to AZ with a list of things to do, but they are usually just places I want to go eat!(we don't have any good places to eat in Spokane) Your little boy is so cute!

Angie said...

What's crazy is how fast time flies AFTER leaving Utah. In some ways, I feel like we were just there, but mostly, it feels like a different life. We sure do miss you guys and the ward! Good luck with everything!

Allen and Cameo said...

I hope your Utah to do list includes doing things with the Sabeys :)

Lacey said...

I totally know that feeling of wanting to get everything done before you leave. We didn't do a third of the things we wanted to. That's okay though. Do what you can.
Life is crazy! Miss you so much!!