Friday, September 11, 2009

Goodbye Utah: Disneyland, Cove Fort, and Antelope Island and Ohio Trek

Thought I would share a post to finish off the rest of our summer in Utah and our drive to the Ohio. Since Burke had never been to California, we decided to make a trip there before we moved across the country. We had a great time visiting Annette, Ted, Andrew, and Adrienne.

We went to Manhattan Beach one day.
We also stopped to see the Rose Bowl stadium to satisfy Burke's college football fetish.
We celebrated Burke’s 25th birthday.
We also spent our first day away from McKay and took a trip to Disneyland for Burke’s birthday. It was Burke’s first time, and we had a blast!

On the way home from California we stopped by Cove Fort, a way station for pioneers that President Hinckley’s grandfather built.
After California, we said goodbyes to dear friends and packed our things.
Prodding McKay's love of sports early:
(Not surprisingly, the football was one of the last things Burke packed)
We also crossed off two more Goodbye to Utah activities: Antelope Island and the Hill Air Force Aerospace Museum.
It was cool to see the salt buildup on the shore and look out onto Great Salt Lake.

We saw lots of antelope and bison.
Since Burke’s dad was a fighter pilot in Vietnam, we enjoyed looking at all the aircraft together at the Hill Air Force Aerospace Museum and sharing stories about Burke’s dad’s flying days.
An F-5 like the one Dad Manning flew in the war:

Here's about our journey to Ohio! The drive wasn’t near as bad as we thought it would be, thanks to the Harry Potter audio books, which we borrowed from a library on our way out of Utah (we figured we could just mail them back). We are almost to book 7 and Burke is anxiously awaiting since he's never read them.

In Vernal, Utah, we made our final farewell to Utah with temple number 13 of 13: the Vernal Utah Temple. That officially ended our Goodbye to Utah series. It was a worthwhile detour to finish our temple goal.
After almost running out of gas once, enduring a thirteen hour day of driving, and trekking through a fierce rainstorm, we made it to our new home in Columbus, Ohio.

Since then, we’ve been putting in some hard hours on our new house (the door behind the U-Haul trailer). I’ll do some before and after pics when there is more to show.
We officially belong to Ohio: Birthplace of Aviation now.

With the fabulous weather we have enjoyed for the past week and great neighbors, I am already loving it here. We even decked ourselves out in Buckeye gear for the first game of the season, and so did everyone else we saw around town.

Coming soon: updates on our house.


Natalie and Trent said...

darn, part of me hoped you would hate it and move back..haha just kidding. looks like you are doing so well :-) I love the sports photos..Trent has been doing the same thing. oh men...we thought of Burke when we were taking the pictures of Logan with a baseball. betting McKay and Logan will decide to something none of us even expect. cannot wait to see pictures of the house
ps, Trent has his first trip to disneyland with me! Isn't it insane they had never been? I guess thats what we get for living in AZ eh? haha.

Darrel & Jessica LeSueur said...

Bummer about those Buckeyes... At least you can claim BYU right? - Darrel

gbrooks said...

I keep forgetting that you are really gone. Have fun getting the new house together; I should have sent you with some items I got for free from work that we don't really have space for now... We miss you guys!