Monday, October 5, 2009

Ohio Buckeyes

Yesterday we had fun making a popular Ohio treat--buckeyes. The buckeye is the nut on a buckeye or white chesnut tree. They are brown and have whitish scar on the top. Some believe buckeyes are good luck, especially if you keep it in your pocket. Buckeyes are also the mascot of The Ohio State University.

Buckeyes are poisonous, or so wikipedia tells me. So people make candy buckeyes instead. They are delicious and a unique and tasty treat special to Ohio. Please come our way and enjoy a homemade Ohio Buckeye on us!


Steven and Andelyn Bohls said...

Oh I love your house! It's so cute!! It makes me so excited to own my own place! I can't believe how big McKay is getting-- I miss you guys! Like I've said before- when we get our advance we'll have to make a trip out to see all our buddies around the country. :)

Mike and Alyssa Althoff said...

I love what you have done to your new place! It looks like you guys are really getting settled in. Oh, and those candy ohio buckeyes look tasty!

Anna said...

Oh bummer... I won't get to have some for a long time... :( But make some for the fam for me! love you!