Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

So we are over a third of the way into January, and I have yet to make any New Year's resolutions. I decided this year needs something a little more concrete to make it the best year yet, not that last year wasn't amazing, because it was. I just want some worthwhile goals to work on for this year.

Of course I've thought about some resolutions. Let's see:
Be more spiritual.
Be nicer to people.
Exercise more.

Those are great resolutions, aren't they? Well, they're great ones if I never really plan on doing anything to make anything of them. They are what I call conveniently vague (I thought that had a nice ring to it). They are the kind of resolutions that would allow me to muster up some way at the end of the year that I could say I worked my resolutions all year long in one way or another.

Suffice it to say, I think my aforementioned unofficial resolutions are fairly lame.

So I am revamping. starting over. beginning afresh. I am polling for new year's resolutions ideas. Yes, I want to hear what your goals for the year are so that I may borrow them if you will. please. :) thank you.

Or, I'm also open to ideas. They don't even have to be your goals. I am just looking for some light bulbs that are brighter and wiser than mine.



{Steve and Amanda} said...

Conveniently vague...haha very nice.
I've been trying to make a list of 10 goals every year and post it above my side of the bed so I see them when I go to bed and wake up (it helps) Here are mine:
-Get back into shape!!
-Be a more proactive person/mother
-Become a better vocalist
-Become a better pianist
-Get into a house (if cannot afford, make apartment a better looking home)
-Speak kindly of others
-Finish personal book list
-Clean more often in home
-Read personal scriptures daily
-Make a meal every day

Hope these help, and Happy New Year to you guys!

Katie said...

Dallin and I aren't really year-long goals type people, basically for the reasons you listed.

We decided to have a "theme for the year," if you will, and center our monthly goals around our theme. We find monthly goals much easier to manage. :) Our theme is "Being lifelong learners," but things like "Feeling the Spirit in the home" and the incredibly general "Service" were also contenders.

I guess we'll see how it works. I have high hopes, at least.

Good luck!

Natalie and Trent said...

One of mine is to do at least one project a week. I don't mean dishes or cleaning or anything like that. I have been trying to be more crafty and doing things that are fun to me. As a new mom I've discovered I have NO time to myself anymore so I decided that I needed to MAKE a little bit of time each week that I accomplish something. Its been a good escape from stresses of life.

We also decided to forgo the normal resolutions this year and instead think of smaller resolutions every month so that by the end of the year we've added on lots of things instead of trying to do them all at the beginning and then never getting them done. Good luck!

Sessions Family said...

I have like a ton I want to accomplish this year, but one thing is for sure I have to be realistic with what I set for myself.
Here are some goals that I want to achieve.
*Be more thrifty
-I would like to get my backyard cleaned up and have a garden put in so I can get more vegetables in my home and save money by not having to put them on my grocery list.
*Develop a better relationship with my husband
-having 3 kids really absorb most of my time. I want to make a special effort to spend quailty time with Jon weekly. Keep that flame going and growing.
*Be more diligent in the home
Last conference Elder Bednar said to be consistent. For example having Family home evening. "Doing small things consistently can lead to something great..."
*Lastly be active and live healthy lifestyle
I'm all about being healthy and keep the little ones active. My husband and I both want to get in better shape so for fun we exercise together. :)

Now of course I could go on and on, but those our what I'd like to work on specifically this year.

Noelle said...

I'm working on this right now at work...coming up with non-vague goals that is. I'll let know know if I come up with anything stellar. I agree with the earlier commenter on putting them someplace you see them regularly and possibly even checking back publicly (blog) every quarter or so...

Anna said...

Let's see... I have a great one! Invite/have Anna come visit you in Ohio this summer! Great, right?!

The Peanut Butter Blur said...

I don't think you go vague enough on your New Years Resolutions. I set the same resolution every year, one which I actually stole from an old Radio Shack advertising campaign:

Do Stuff.

gbrooks said...

Joy just entered the MTC today. As she graduated with a degree in Nutrition, Sam and I decided that we are going to "report" to her on a weekly basis as to our exercise/healthy eating accomplishment (or failures) of the week. By the time she gets back in July 2011, we should be slimmer, healthier people. I'll let you get in on this one if you want :)

Anonymous said...

My resolution--Be Good and Do Good! How is that for vague. Actually, it has become my motto. It kind of says it all.