Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Three beautiful things that made my day today and yesterday:

A real red cardinal. I took this from our family room through the back door. He was hanging around in the trees out back. It must be good luck.

My chocolate covered strawberries. They turned out perfectly for my Valentine's exchange party tonight.

All things French. My Valentine's Day gift came early in the mail this week. I am so excited to make delicious French food for Burke from my days of living in France. There's something magical about France that you just can't explain. It is one of the most joyous feelings to think about that wonderful, magical place and everything about it. (btw, watch Julie and Julia. So cute. I loved it. Maybe because it brought back so many fond memories.)


Anna said...

Oh my gosh! I love the cardinal! It's beautiful! I'm glad you love your frenchness... it's very you. I want to see Julie and Julia, ironic it's your name, too right?! And I think you're a great cook and wife and mommy! Can't wait to see you in about a week and couple days!

Chris and Kristy said...

Those strawberries look amazing! How in the world did you get them to not have that waxy look? Love the swirl of chocolate on top. You're inspiring!

Sarah B. said...

mmm.. strawberries.
I hope you are surviving the winter! I think the good food will definitely help though:)

Carol T. said...

I always read about them, but didn't really believe they were real and so red. Your party sounds fun. I loved the movie!

Chad and Megan said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful... I love all three! I love the strawberries and I have to watch that movie Julie and Julia. I really like cooking (or trying to) and I have heard a lot of good things about it!