Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finished the Kitchen--Finally!

So the kitchen has been done for a few weeks. I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of it. I think it looks great, and we have absolutely loved the bar that we added. It has been amazing. Enjoy!

This was the kitchen when we first moved in and the small little window between the kitchen and dining area.

Here is the progress that we've made throughout the past six months. Do you see the big black pipe in the right picture? We had to reroute that to make the window/bar the size we wanted.

Picking out, cutting, and transporting the new countertop:
The little bar that we put in. Sorry, no action shots. You're probably getting picture overload anyway.

Kitchen painted, and almost finished, Take ONE:

The final, finished product, take two. We are loving it.


Allen and Cameo said...

Wow! It looks fabulous. Will you help me decorate our new home?

Tricia said...

That looks awesome!!

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

How in the world did you learn how to DO that kind of stuff? Wow!

Sarah B. said...

wow julia! That looks so awesome! I am so excited for you.

Brooklyn said...

House reno's are so exciting! Congrats!

Chris and Kristy said...

Great work you two! The second color looks great. There's something so pleasing about making a house a home. Looks great!

Taralynn and Kory said...

you are very brave! it looks great! love the paint color and counter tops!