Sunday, March 7, 2010

My First Birthday


McKay here; yesterday was my birthday! Mom and Dad gave me permission to write my own birthday blog-post. I wanted to be sure the magnificence of my special day was adequately depicted with no limitations, and what a day it was; you'll see my friends.

Things started picking up on the eve of my celebration. I was laying in bed minding my own business at about 1:00am, when I heard a rustling around my bed. I almost went for my mace, but decided to sell the intruder my "sleeping baby" routine. I thought I heard something being tied to my bed, but eventually fell for my own sleep routine as I'm so good at it and drifted off (thwarted by myself again!). When I woke up, I saw these things strapped to my bed!

At first, I was certain Mom and Dad had decided I'd out stayed my welcome and hoped these things would carry me to Grandma's in Arizona for a break. Turns out, they were for my birthday! So glad they both got the memo.

For breakfast Mom gave me my favorite fruit, bananas! Such goodness, what more could a one-year-old ask for? My point exactly.

Later, we went on a family trip for my big day! I asked Dad if I could drive since I finally hit the big 1.0, and he was totally cool with it (he's the coolest)! He even told me he'd change the gear from D (drive) to P! He said P stands for Power! It's like a really souped up D, only used on special occasions.

We went to a play place and Mom and Dad found some awesome trains and tracks and played with me. We had a blast! Later, Mom found this random red hat in the play area and thought it'd look "cute" on me. She said you wear it when you're on fire or something? Anyway she wanted me to take a picture with it on my head, so here's for Mom. Kinda weird but whatever I guess.... Love ya, Mom!

Finally, Sunday came, the day I'd been dreaming about since my infancy (oh man, being born is another blog-post for another day). This was the day I get to eat my very own ENTIRE cupcake. No utensils, no limitations. . . Just my two hands and all of that goodness! Can you see my intense focus? I am completely sure that this whole first year of my life was totally worth it, just for this. Thank you Mom, you're the best!

The End


James and Alyson said...

Happy Birthday, McKay! I can't believe how chubby you are getting. Marcus loves to play with the steering wheel and all the buttons in the car. I'm sure McKay loved it.

Carol T. said...

Wrinkly nose, twinkling eyes and a smile from ear to ear. What a cute birthday boy. He already looks more grown-up than last week.
Grandpa and Grandma love you buddy!!

Carol T. said...

Hey Julia! What's with the hair cut? You look beautiful.

Brooklyn said...

I love how he smiles at the camera!
Great haircut Julia! Looks fab!

Dallin & Ashley said...

Julia! Ashley pullen here, and you have a baby! can NOT believe it! I know this is random..I blog stalked you :) Hope you're doing great girl!

gbrooks said...

So cute! I can't believe he's already ONE! And I too love your hair, super super cute.