Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend in Akron

We decided to take a weekend trip to Akron. We had a lot of fun seeing a new part of Ohio. Here's some of the highlights!

The Goodyear Blimp hangar, which was built in 1929, is approx. one football field wide and almost four football fields long. It was huge! It is big enough to have its own weather patterns inside, complete with rain and clouds. Wow! We didn't think we would get as close as we did but we surreptitiously made our way through the driveway and some open gates to a clear and perfect view.

Downtown Akron was pretty dirty and run down, although the Modern Art Museum was a pretty impressive structure. We also passed by Dr. Bob's home in Akron, where AA began. As we are not recovering alcoholics (or alcoholics at all for that matter), we decided to forgo the museum inside.

We also saw the official Soap Box Derby Downs track, home of the national Soap Box Derby. Those gates just happened to be open too as we were driving by. What a cool place! It takes about 30 seconds to travel the 989-foot track and by the finish line the cars are traveling about 30mph. We might have to make our way back there in August for the annual Derby races.

Much to Burke's chagrin, we drove the loooonng way home through the Amish country. I guess the Amish aren't all that exciting when you grow up with them in your hometown. . .  But we did stop at  Heini's cheese factory for about 100 delicious different cheese samples. Yum! We brought home a small brick of our favorite: Vidalia onion cheese. McKay thought the cheese tasting was the best part of the trip, except for maybe the goat cheese and aged swiss.

All in all a fun trip and a fun weekend. And now that school's out for the summer, we plan on having lots more fun adventures like this before September rolls around. :)


Carol T. said...

It sounds like a unique place to visit. Maybe someday. Glad you are home safe. Have a great summer.

Laraine Eddington said...

A summer adventure in Akron...who knew! Sounds fun, especially the cheese.