Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Identity Crisis

(Sorry for the hiatus: we've been doing more house improving since June and didn't have internet connection on vacation for the past two weeks.)

This past week at a cabin with Burke's family, I was looking at the movie selection and noticed The Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. It made me think of one of my first childhood memories.

Being hardly five years old when The Beauty and the Beast came out, I still recall vividly and fondly the day my mom brought that movie home when it was released on home video. That fall when I started kindergarten, I was decked out head to toe in purple Beauty and the Beast paraphernalia. I couldn't have been happier.

It made me think about how my favorite Disney princess has always* (except that Belle was my apparent favorite at age five) been Sleeping Beauty. I wondered why: I'm not blonde. Visiting a medieval castle in England is certainly not my fantasy vacation dream. Being called a lover of animals or nature is a far cry from my true feelings for such things. Yes, indeed. Why do I think that Sleeping Beauty is my favorite?

Let's look at a little more evidence for why Belle is much more my cup of tea: I am a proud brunette. I love France, and for goodness' sakes, I lived there while I was engaged because it was the "one last thing I had to do before I got married." I was very upset at my parents that they wouldn't let me take French in high school (Spanish was so much more practical, you know. I still beg to differ from a linguistic and literary standpoint), so I took French my first two years at BYU. I am a bookworm--a major one. I would much rather waltz around in a poofy gold ball gown than a flat blue and pink one. Why was Sleeping Beauty my favorite again?

So there you have it. Last week I underwent a major identity crisis--from the perspective of a girly girl's childhood dreams and love for all things "princess." I am still reconciling with my recently renewed childhood heroine. I guess I better get on Amazon and buy the movie. I don't have that one yet. Sleeping Beauty, it's time to hit the back burner (although you'll always hold a special place in my heart).

Who is your favorite Disney princess or character?


Collette and Chase said...

we watched beauty and the beast with eden yesterday! we finally hooked up an old vhs player so we could watch all the old classics. she loves them! girls are so fun that way. haha

Brooklyn said...

Belle. Always has been, always will. My family never had the movie, and I've probably only watched it 5 times in my life. What got me was the soundtrack. We didn't watch the movie, but we memorized the songs! Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that I break out into the Belle song when we're crafting, or floating down a river...
I think it is VERY interesting the similaries between you, Julia, and Belle, I never thought of that before!! Wow!

Carol T. said...

Yes, Julia, I think you are much more suited to being Belle than any other princess. She fits you to a T. Sure glad you are not hooked up with a "Beast" though! Burke fits the Prince Phillip mold much better.

Anna said...

hahahha... I liked Mom's comment.
You're right... you are kinda weird for liking Sleeping Beauty so much. Belle is you. And i can just picture you in your Belle gettup in Kindergarten... i would say that's picture worthy.
My favorite princess is Ariel. just because she has red hair. I had all her paraphernalia too... until i had to give it to our cousin who's name is Ariel (although she didn't even have red hair!) and it was an easy song to sing as i was taking a bath and could swoosh my hair back and forth in the water. ah ah ahhhh ah ah ahhhhh Other than that... I've never really thought seriously about who my favorite Disney princess is... but for now, I'll stick to Ariel.

Lacey said...

Well, Julia, the only reason I liked Sleeping Beauty was that she had the most beautiful voice. I liked her because I wanted to sing like her. Otherwise, Belle is a much better match for both of us really, if you disregard the hair color difference for me. I reject the notion that a princess choice should be influence by hair color--I am NOT Ariel!!
I could totally imagine us having this conversation with all the rest of the girls and Jonathon at the RSC. haha!! Miss you, friend!!

Lacey said...

Well, Julia, I like Sleeping Beauty because I think she has one of the best voices of all the princesses. I wanted to sing like her when I was little. Otherwise, I agree that Belle is the more accurate choice for both of us, disregarding the hair color difference for me. By the way, I totally reject the notion that princess choice should be influenced by hair color! :)
I can totally imagine us having this conversation with all the girls and Jonathon at the RSC!! haha!! Miss you, friend!