Tuesday, October 26, 2010

September--MK's first haircut!

McKay got his first hair cut! I know it didn't look like he had any hair, but he did. He woke up with awful fuzzy bedhead, and with the summer humidity, his hair was just plain fuzzy too often. Here's the best picture I could find of his hair before:

Without Burke's approval, I buzzed it. They say buzzing it off makes babies' hair grow back thicker. Side note:  Two months later, it's looking about the same to me. Oh, well.
 All his curls chopped off:
(he thought he'd look better with some facial hair. His peach yogurt matched nicely.)


Brooklyn said...

Not the curls!! How did Burke react? Unfortunately this sad day must come to every child.

Natalie and Trent said...

I am loving all the updates!
I cannot believe his hair went that long! I always thought Logan had no hair but it definitely had to be cut a while back and is already due for a second one. Did you cry? (I sobbed...haha but I was pregnant too so that doesn't help)