Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hawaii was beautiful. What more can I say? I think we hit all the necessary highlights and had a great time being with my whole family.

Snorkeling (Burke's highlight) and beach hopping, with Burke sporting a huge gash on his finger from some coral: 

 Pearl Harbor:

 The Laie Hawaii Temple

hike to Manoa Falls:

The Polynesian Cultural Center--the highlight for me:

View from our beach house on the North Shore:

Not pictured: the Dole plantation, Matsumoto's shaved ice, and our Wii Just Dance dance-off one night. Awesome trip, wish we could go again!


Collette and Chase said...

love motsumoto's! i want to go again so bad..especially now that everyone is married and there are lots of little cousins! so fun!

Lacey said...

I am so jealous!!! Your pictures are amazing, and I am so glad you guys got to have such a fun time.
By the way, Just Dance is so much fun! We should get all the high school girls together and do that the next time we're in AZ. haha!