Wednesday, July 13, 2011

May Highlights

One word can pretty much sum up our entire month of May (or at least every picture I took that month): trucks.

We played with trucks outside.

We made daily outings to one of the construction sites down the street. All the workers know who we are and would wave to us every day. A few liked to come up and talk to us. I now know more about trucks than I ever thought I would. I guess that's what I get for having a boy--and soon I'll have two of them. . . .

 Gotta play in the dirt that the real diggers/excavators use!

 This little truck goes a lot of places with us. I don't know what I (no less McKay) would do if something happened to it.

I even searched the local library catalog for truck books for McKay. Every book we checked that month out was about trucks--and he was in heaven!
If you ever want to get an earful about trucks from a two-year-old's perspective, come to our house!


Kathryn said...

um...I think that's really funny. It looks like you not only had ONE month of trucks, but probably MANY months of trucks. And many more to come...

Kathryn said...

We believe in trucks! We believe in all trucks have done, in all can do, and we believe that they will still do many great and important things, especially in the life of McKay.