Friday, August 19, 2011

A Lucky Wish

This morning McKay and I were reading one of our recent library selections, Raindrop, Plop. One page talks about going inside for some hot chocolate after playing in the rain.

I thought to myself that some yummy hot chocolate sounded delicious, not to mention the rain. Then I checked the weather and realized there was a fat chance we'd get rain today with the mid-80 degree weather and no clouds in sight.

When lo and behold, this afternoon we had a splendid thunderstorm, complete with rain to cool things off (although the humid heat afterward was not so great . . . ). We played in the rain and came in afterward to enjoy some hot chocolate together as we watched the rain falling outside. It was lovely.

I guess I made a lucky wish this morning.


Nollie said...

It's not too late to have some hot chocolate. Just turn up the A/C and snuggle under a blanket. :)

Ariel said...

So, it was thanks to you that we got that wonderful rain!! Thanks!