Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anson at 3 months

Here are some pictures of Anson at three months. I can't believe how much he is growing up and getting so big already (not to mention he started out huge. . . .).

He is a fun and happy baby. He quite enjoys tummy time, especially when he's watching McKay play and be silly. And, boy, is he a snuggler! I am loving it! We are proud to report his hair is still very red, and he's only getting more of it. With his red hair, green is stellar on him! His eyes are still as blue as can be. And he's a drool monster.

He is a big time smiler. He loves to giggle and laugh, especially at McKay. Sometimes McKay will just walk past, and Anson will start full-on laughing. He is definitely going to be M's little shadow as they grow up.
 He loves to be swaddled still every time he goes to sleep, and he is very particular about how he's swaddled. He often has a look of concern on his face because he furrows his brows all the time.
He is dying to be a thumb sucker, but I am really trying to dis-sway him. He sucks on his fingers or thumb any chance he gets.

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Chris and Kristy said...

LOVE the red hair! Glad it finally came through your genes. Welcome to the "red" club. He's adorable!