Sunday, November 13, 2011


We had a lot of fun with this year at Halloween. McKay was just old enough to understand it a little bit. We got some Halloween books from the library, and McKay is still asking to read them every day. We got a really cute book called Boo by Joe Fenton about a little ghost. We recommend it.

McKay was his favorite thing in the world: a construction worker. He was delighted to carry his tools around!

Anson wore a pumpkin shirt that I found in my box of McKay's baby clothes. It worked nicely for keeping him warm since it was a cold night.

It was fun to watch McKay this year. He got Halloween, and carried his pumpkin bucket around the whole day until it was time to trick or treat. He even broke it, so I duct taped it back together because I wasn't going to go back to the store to get another one. Oh, well. (notice the hammer he carried around in his pumpkin.)

We thought this was a pretty funny costume. The guy dressed as a homeless person and his sign says, "Will work for candy." We saw him bumming candy off some of the older trick-or-treaters. It was pretty funny.

Anson eying McKay's loot. . . .


Carol T. said...

What a cute pair: Twinkle eyes and Big eyes. Kisses for them both.

Becky said...

This is my first time checking out your blog! Wow Anson is getting so big and cute! We need to get together soon.