Friday, July 25, 2008

Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July, we did NOT study. Yay! We got up early and watched the hot air balloon festival. It was beautiful.

That afternoon, we watched the end of the parade and met up with my family. That afternoon, we went tubing down the Provo River, and it was freezing--like Havasupai, or worse. We'll remember our wet suits next time.

That night, Burke and I worked at the Stadium of Fire and got the best deal there is. We took tickets for the first half of the night, then were sent to the front row seats on the field for the second last half of the show. We got paid to watch Blue Man Group and Miley Cyrus up close--I mean, to stand in the aisles as security guards and make sure everything was under control. (It was great!) Then, we let all the debris fall on us as we watched a great fireworks show. Sorry, I am lacking in pictures, but we had a great time!


Steve and Amanda said...

You knew I had a blog and you didn't tell me you had one!?! Silly girl, how are you?!

Brooke and Trenton said...

I feel like I am already at the climax of happiness with this new way of living... married and all :)
Good to hear from you. It sounds like you're busy with school! Good for you. I have one year left to finish my Biology degree. I want to get school over and done with too.

aNnA said...

Dang... you guys take good pictures. The one of BlueMan is ideal as well as the one of Hannah Montana. I'm still jealous you saw them.