Friday, July 25, 2008

The More Eventful Part of Our Summer Part 1

Although we are stuck at school and work every day, we try to take little breaks and have some fun. Unfortunately, I am not a very good picture taker, so we haven't documented very much.

I took a trip in the middle of the semester with my mom's family (grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc.), and we went to Alberta, Canada, for my cousin's wedding.
My cousin Brooklyn got married to Mark Ellingson.

My mom and her sisters and brother had a great time being together for the trip. They told all sorts of stories on the road.

My sister Anna and I had fun together, as always. It's sad that we don't see each other near enough anymore.

Sadly, after the weekend was done, we all had to load back into the van for the long ride home. It was a great weekend and a needed break from school for me. Too bad Burke had to stay home and study. He always seems to get the worse end when we are separated (France, for example).

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aNnA said...

Boy, how goofy can those Hyer sisters get! I loved seeing them dancing around that night. That's a good picture of us, too. How did you get such a random picture of Amren? I like it.