Sunday, September 7, 2008

Amy's Wedding

A few weeks ago, I took another break from Provo life, leaving my poor husband alone to study for the OAT (optometry school entrance exam). I got to go to my friend Amy Tutt McCoy's wedding, which was so fun. I met up with a lot of my girlfriends and had fun catching up with them.
At the reception, I ran into a lot of the guys from high school who had returned from their missions this summer. It was fun to see all of them, but it was weird to be the only married one hanging out with my high school friends. It was an eye-opener in realizing how different my life is from theirs. The guys had fun sticking rose petals to their noses and seeing who could suck in the longest before the petal finally dropped. I think David Reeder won every time. It was pretty funny to watch.

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Ashley said...

It really was Great to see you!! :D