Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Couches

Last weekend, we got new couches for the apartment. They look great. The unfortunate thing is that Burke and I still won't have any furniture when we leave the apartment, except for two lamps and a bed. But we are grateful for a fully furnished apartment for now. Here are some pictures. BEFORE:
(Sorry about the bookshelf mess; we were in the process of getting schoolbooks ready too.)
Uncle David, Uncle Scott, my mom's cousin Drew, and my granddad came to help.



James and Alyson said...

The couches look great! Where did they come from?

Burke and Julia said...

Mom and I found them at Sam's Club when I went home. She decided the apartment needed new couches.

Steve and Amanda said...

Oh wow, I really like those new couches. They look so nice in your apartment.

M.O.M. and M.O.P. said...

The couches look great. I hope they are comfy! Not to worry about the old ones though, they have a new home at Kathryn's new apartment (their 3rd home).