Sunday, January 18, 2009

Introducing . . . Burke and Julia

So here's the tale, and I, Burke, will tell it (since I'm helping us keep up our blog for posterity): a while ago a man wrote on our blog to tell us that his wife's name was Julia, and his name was Burke, and he happened upon our blog while looking for his. I know, pretty crazy. Maybe if your names were Jon and Sarah or something (sorry if you two are reading this), we'd have been less suprised, but Burke and Julia? Anyway, as a tribute to the other Burke and Julia out there, and for your entertainment, I did some research (ok, so five minutes) and have a few pics below to show you what a great combo the names Julia and Burke really are.

This is the other Burke and Julia getting married. And yes, those people are holding climbing tools above their heads; Burke and Julia love to climb. As a side note, there were no climbing tool injuries reported in the taking of this picture.
This is the corner of Burke Street and Julia Creek Road in Julia Creek, Australia. It’s a small hotel that brags 3 rooms with “3 star accommodations,” I’m not sure you’d get me there even for sentimental value. . . .
And last but not least, here’s someone else I need to introduce you to: Her name is Julia Burke!

So, if you're not convinced on how catchy these two names are together yet, you just let me know and I'll add a few more.

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Carol said...

Fun information. Where is the hotel located?