Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Baby, so a Weekend of Fun!

This weekend, of course, we anticipated a baby coming, but I guess he's not ready yet. (That's probably a good thing since Burke was under the weather all week.) So we enjoyed probably our last baby-free weekend together.

First, we went to temple number 10 of 12 in Utah--the Draper Temple. It was beautiful.
Saturday night we spent the evening with my two sisters, who were in town, at my aunt Jeanie's house. She is Palestinian and treated us with her specialty--Arabic food. We had stuffed grape leaves, stuffed cabbage, and stuffed zucchini. We also had Arabic style chicken, hummus, pita bread, and some other yummy dish with cucumber, green leafy stuff, and tomatoes. It was a delicious cultural night, and we enjoyed staying up late laughing and telling stories.
Now the baby is allowed to come. He's just about outworn his welcome in my tummy. Maybe tomorrow. . . . But I am grateful for the quiet, restful nights and the fact that he's hungry only when I'm hungry. It works out nicely. Plus, I still feel great, so I shouldn't complain.


Jonathon said...

At work on Friday I suggested that we start a betting pool to guess when the baby will come. The winner would get the contents of the change cup and that stack of tapes. Strangely, no one seemed very interested.

Lacey said...

I'm interested Jonathon!! jk.
Please post something when your baby comes. I want to know what he's like! Miss you guys!

Mark and Jaelynne said...

Can't wait to hear how everything goes! Good luck!

Jon and Sarah said...

I'm jealous. I love Jeanie's cooking. Can't wait for the baby phone call!

Brooklyn said...

Arabic Food! Finally! Keep us posted about the baby!