Thursday, April 16, 2009

McKay's Blessing and Emily's Wedding

This past weekend, we went to Twin Falls, Idaho, for my sister-in-law's wedding. Emily looked beautiful. We had a great time being with all the family. All twelve kids in Burke's family were able to make it. It was fun to have everyone together, but it was rather chaotic as times, as you can probably imagine.
On Easter Sunday we blessed McKay. My parents and sister were able to make it. Burke gave a beautiful blessing.
We went to Shoshone Falls afterward. It was so neat. This is the fullest time of year because they just started letting more water out. Farmers will use the water for irrigation, so the water supply will deplete throughout the summer.
Now McKay is just getting ready for BYU graduation next week. We just have to make it through the next five days of finals. We are excited to finally be done.


Carol T. said...

What an exciting time for your family. Congratulations on making it through. Love you much.

Brooklyn said...

Wow! I`m sure that was a wonderful time for you! Where in the world did you get the graduation outfit for McKay?

Burke and Julia said...

My mom made it for us. If you ever need to borrow it, I can hook you up.

Natalie and Trent said...

that is soooooo cute!! I wish I had little Logan to put in one of those. McKay looks adorable:-)