Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our little Harry Houdini

Last night we put McKay in his bed at 9:30. We swaddled him (in his kiddopotamus Velcro swaddling outfit--aka a baby straitjacket) and threw the blanket over his head so he would go to sleep. He looked like this:
Twenty minutes later we went to check on him and we found him like this: Furthermore, he hadn't made a peep.

We couldn't help but smile at how cute he is. But if bedtime continues like this, I think we are going to find ourselves getting fairly creative as he gets older. Lucky for us, after we rewrapped him, he slept for eight hours. We love our little McKay.


Alyson said...

Why the blanket over his head?

Winders said...

If you're still struggling in the sleep department, I know of a book that may help you! It's a pretty popular parenting book, Megan and I both read it and liked it. Most of the book is about helping babies get into a routine and on a schedule. It also has some trouble shooting ideas when all isn't going as planned. I'm still using a lot of the recommendations and Zane is nearly 2. Call me or email me if you want more info.