Monday, April 6, 2009

Our first big purchase!

Who wouldn't skip out on a deal that offers you the kitchen table of your dreams for 61% off? Well, we certainly didn't. Grant it, I think the sale offer was a fluke, but I caught it, and they had it documented in their records, so they had to sell the table to me for a whopping deal. I am not complaining.
We now officially have our first piece of furniture to take with us to our new house in Ohio. We are so excited to set it up, but for now it is nicely and compactly packaged for the move this summer.

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Brooklyn said...

A kitchen table is a lot more exciting than our first major purchase...a freezer...yay. It sounds like there is more to the story, of finding the sale, etc. Either way, I LOVE SALES! Congrats!