Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not Fast Enough

I have been waiting many months for some green to come sprouting out of the dirt in front of my house. I got really nervous when I saw daffodils growing in other yards and not mine. I had pretty much given up, not to mention the snow that was still somehow covering my "garden."

Then I saw two or three heads peeking their way through the mud a couple of weeks ago, where I planted the tulips. I was so excited, although sad that I wouldn't have any daffodils.

Today I counted almost seventy tulip plants.  They are all 1-2 inches tall, but they just can't grow fast enough for me. I even found four daffodils coming through. I guess I might get some daffodils after all. I can't wait to see my front yard full of blossoming flowers in a few weeks!


HDVB said...

JULIA!! Yes, I know, we so totally need to get together, I know it sounds crazy (actually you know exactly what I mean) - but I feel like I don't even have a minute to bReAtHe! Boards are coming up for I can't make any promises, but let's try planning something! :)


Sessions Family said...
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Sessions Family said...

Beautiful! I love daffodils, hopefully some more will come up!

Chris and Kristy said...

I forget that people outside of Arizona have to wait until actual Spring to garden! Bummer. Isn't it so magical to see those sweet little green heads popping up. It never gets old and surprises me every time!