Monday, April 5, 2010

McKay's One Year Picture

We finally got McKay's one year pictures back last week. There were some really cute ones. He is such a good smiler (especially for the camera) and a happy boy. We love him.

height: 70th percentile
weight: 25th percentile
head: 50th percentile

*He had twelve teeth by his first birthday! It sure makes meals much easier since we can feed him anything.
*He says dada, mama, ball, and uh-oh.
*He is still not walking although on a few occasions he has taken about 3 steps. Crawling is faster, why would he want to walk slowly??


Chris and Kristy said...


Carol T. said...

He is such a cute boy. We love to read about him and see him. He wore me out just watching how busy he is when we skyped yesterday. Love you all.

Lacey said...

Okay, seriously. He is adorable! He is getting so big!
Miss you tons!!

kcandbrookie said...

Burke and Julia-
McKay is so cute! I love his one year pic. Just adorable. Well Burke, I gave you an awesome recommendation when they called asking for it. I hope you get the internship. I hope you guys are enjoying your time on the other side of the country


Lacey Evanson Stewart said...

He is so stinkin cute! We need to play games again, soon!