Saturday, April 10, 2010

JT's diner

Last night we JT's diner was in town (aka I made hamburgers with the works, fries, mozzarella sticks, and lemonade). It was delicious! One of the best hamburgers I've ever had.

A few weeks ago JT's diner happened to be in town for April Fools'. We had hamburgers then too, but they didn't taste quite the same. Nevertheless, it was fun and fooled Burke enough that he had to get a closer look at the mini hamburgers (nilla wafers, mint patties, green coconut, and red frosting).
 Can't wait for JT's Diner to come again!


Sarah B. said...

that is so creative Julia! I wish they had a JT's diner in Cleveland.

P.S. if you are ever in Cleveland stay away from SB's diner. I hear it is not up to par

Erin said...

I really did believe you went out somewhere, because those burgers look so beautiful.

How do YOU know Tyler Prince? He is like one of my best friends, because he is married to one of my best friends. His wife was my roommate from Freshman year until we got married 2 weeks apart from each other. That is really crazy.

And yeah, we're excited about pharmacy school. I was looking forward to moving away, but oh well! Him being done in 3 years is totally worth it.

Erin said...

That's so funny about the Prince family connection. Yeah, the other night I was like, "Tyler, how do you know Julia Manning?" And he was like, "um . . . I don't know who that is." And I said, "What about Julia Toone?" And he was like, Oh! And told me the same story you did. Anyway, it was funny.