Thursday, November 18, 2010


This little man has a crush on airplanes (eppi!) and helicopters (haka-ker), and he definitely knows the difference between the two. Driving around, he yells "airplane" every time he sees one. His favorite book is about airplanes and his acute little ears are always tuned in to the sound of an airplane flying overhead. He got his Pop Pop's genes--Burke's dad flew fighter planes in the Air Force. Enjoy the cute pictures of airplane gazing.

We also found him a little airplane riding toy. He loves it.


Greg and Karianne said...

Cute! Man he is getting big! But your house looks great! Hope you're doing well!

James and Alyson said...

Our boys will have a lot in common when they see each other for Christmas. Marcus says "Hu-pu-pu" (like saying the sounds for H-P-P) for helicopter. Just don't make the mistake of showing a Youtube video of a HPP and airplane or you'll get requests everyday:)